CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that builds general physical preparedness for all of life’s challenges (the unknown) . Our workouts are constantly varied functional movements like pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, running; performed at constantly varied intensities .

Once you sign in with CrossFit WiseWolf you are on a journey to discover the better version of you.


What do we use at our Box (what we call a CrossFit Gym) ?

First our gym is more like a “box” it’s a center of fitness made up of steel and walls with minimal tools (barbells , plates , kettlebells , rowers , air dyne bikes, Pullup rig etc…) , we don’t even have mirrors (apart from the bathroom!) . We don’t believe in using machines , we want you to be the machines!

The Wolf Pack Philosophy

It’s known that wolves are very sociable creatures that move facing their environment’s challenges in packs. Similarly , CrossFit’s training program goal is to build and prepare individuals ready to take on life’s daily challenges with excellence. The majority of what we do inside our box mimics our day to day activities. And just like a pack , we do it all together in a supportive environment where no one trains alone and no man is left behind.

The Wolf Pack Vision

We want to help forge a community made of all ages (teens to seniors) that acts against the risks and dangers of the previously mentioned facts (high obesity levels and chronic diseases risk). Saudi deserves to have a community that helps itself and everyone around it to be fit, healthy and eventually happy with an improved quality of life.


How does a workout look like ?

At CrossFit WiseWolf, as you enter our gym you will notice that we have an open wide space required for the multiple body natural movements from squatting to jumping, climbing lifting and throwing. A pull-up bar rig with kettelebells, barbells and a bunch of weight plates are around next to some medicine balls and mobility tools as well as tires to flip!

A daily workout would be a 40 minutes to one hour of constantly varied combination of skills and drills to get your body moving at a challenging pace, as we said everything is scalable for everyone (so no , you do not have to be already fit to start CrossFit.) .

We promise you never to be bored , never to worry about what to train or how to train.

You come in daily , sign up for a class session (using our mobile app) and voila you have your workout written on the board for your and your classmates to challenge and score your results at the end of the session to see how we are improving as individuals and as the wise wolf community.

Who’s the Wise Wolf Pack for ?

  • People who think they don’t have time to workout 3-5 times a week.
  • Those who want to loose weight in a healthy fashion and for good !
  • Those who are bored with that conventional gym environment (come in , curl biceps , do triceps and tomorrow we do flies?!….)
  • Those who have trouble programming their workouts.
  • Those who love to train in a competitive fun environment.
  • Athletes who want to excel at their sports on an professional level.

Since we aim to improve individuals’ fitness levels in all of the following capacities : cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Everyone above can be a member of The Pack ! 

About our coaching staff

Every single one of our coaches is certified and entitled to transfer the needed skills and drills for you to be good at fitness.