CrossFit WiseWolf

CrossFit WiseWolf is a fitness coaching facility located in Khobar , equipped with the tools & the environment needed to develop/improve “fitness”. We offer group and individual coaching, utilizing the CrossFit methodology.

The Obesity epidemic in Saudi Arabia

Get into a public place in Saudi Arabia (SA) , what do you see? A population suffering from a major obesity problem. As a matter of fact the latest report of the Global nutrition report states that SA has around 70% of its adult in the overweight zone, which is an alarming number.


The equation is simple, the more overweight you are = the closer you re to illness The following continuum is a simple beautiful description of how fitness/wellness and illness relate.



The chart is clear , our health moves on the continuum: from sickness to Fitness and we can measure it with the parameters mentioned.

The goal of CrossFit is to bring the community closer to “Fitness” on the continuum.We at CrossFit Wise Wolf, have a mission to drive the saudi community in the eastern zone towards leading a healthy lifestyle.